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Hailing from Blantyre, Malawi, and co-founder of Cornerstone music, TNO is a Christian Rapper/Producer (real name Edward Chikhwenda jnr.). He was born on 15th April 1992 and got saved in January 2011. TNO became inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ after realizing its power to save and has been on a mission ever since to spread the good news of salvation. The name TNO is short for Tornado and has a spiritual meaning as TNO says “I am like the wind, a product of grace, a man born of the Spirit, check John 3:8”. Twitter: @tnospitter Facebook: /tnospitter

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TNO has worked on several projects including “Revelation (mixtape)” his debut mixtape in 2011, “Go hard or Go home(mixtape)” in 2012, “2nd Corinthians 5 Mixtape” in 2014, “Less of me more of God EP” in 2015 and “Crazy for God(Album)” in 2016.

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  1. My life TNO ft. Maria 4:36
  2. Till I see you again TNO ft. Maria 4:56
  3. Useless TNO ft. TmC 4:55
  4. Worry bout nuthin TNO ft. Kelvin Sings & Suffix 5:38
  5. Money maker TNO 4:22
  6. GRACE TNO ft. Jovich 3:56
  7. Violence TNO ft. Mista Gray & Hagios 5:30
  8. Tikupanga zina TNO ft. Pro Gain 4:14
  9. Go MAD TNO ft. Regenerate 4:32
  10. Our God TNO ft. Stills 4:48
  11. Call me mad TNO 3:48
  12. Im depedent TNO 4:26
  13. Mr Christian TNO 4:05
  14. So Crazy TNO 2:54


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