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Taonga, full name Taonga Mwanza, is a Zambian singer and songwriter. Currently Taonga is based in Malawi. He says his stage name, ‘Taonga’, holds a special meaning to him as it stands for “Thank you”. The artist feels music is a way of giving back his gift to God as a show of gratitude towards Him for all He has done for him and all he continues to do. His passion for music began at the age of 8, he would sing at Mount Moriah Church under Bishop Stephen Mwila and his wife Pastor Ennie Mwila, who also happen his spiritual parents.

Taonga strongly believes he offers a genre of music that will minister to orphans who feel as though they cannot experience parental love, to reassure them that God is the Father who wants to draw us all closer to himself. Not only will it minister to orphans but also to those in need of hope and those who are lost. “It will be a way to get them to come home” the singer added. God has given us all dreams and this is Taonga’s dream, He has made it come true for him and surely he can do the same for those who encounter his music.

His Mother Tabeth Phiri is the main inspiration behind the heart that Taonga has to serve God through music and other ways in church, she raised him up in the way of Lord.

Ephraim and Abel Chungu Musuka are the singer’s main influences. As an artist he feels it is important to develop a deeper relationship with God as a true worshiper so He can be used by God. The singer looks forward to in working with Various African artists in the coming future.

Twitter: mwanzaTaonga

Instagram: mwanzaTaonga

Facebook: Taonga Mwanza

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