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Elegant is a unique hiphop artist who does music that changes mindsets for God. He is a rooted Chirstian and believes that his music is a medium for hope to those inflicted with the torments of this world.

The EP, Get it Started, is an expression for Christians to remember the Great Commission as presented in Matthew 28:18-20. We are commissioned to proclaim the risen Savior and bring hope to the world. Many might forget that due to the pleasures of the world or tight schedules of life, but the Ep is a reminder for the same.

Elegant is signed under ‘Spiritunez’ and is currently based in Lilongwe. For his full bio click here. You can also download the whole EP HERE. Stream and Download individual songs below.


  1. Wakutuma ndi Ndani Elegant 5:34
  2. Turn Up Elegant 2:52
  3. Take Away The Pain. ft New Breath Elegant 3:44
  4. Hope Elegant 2:56
  5. His Charity Elegant 3:15
  6. God You Are Amazing Elegant 4:02
  7. Get it started ft Critique.mp3 Elegant 3:14
  8. Gaining Balance Elegant 3:58
  9. Can't Beat It Elegant 2:44

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