Rationale Behind The Book “From a Listener to a Broadcaster” by Victor Kawonga

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By Victor Kawonga

This Sunday 31st July 2016 will be the culmination of a 27 year-old journey from being a mere radio listener while in primary school to being one of the privileged few to now generating and providing content, in addition to managing some aspects of the radio organization.

As the book From a Listener to a Broadcaster will be officially launched, I look forward to both an exciting and emotional time with listeners, family members, friends, colleagues, partners, supporters, church leaders and their members as well as politicians among others.

As I sat down a few days ago, I reflected on why exactly I wrote the book. And I can pull out the following reasons, factors and influences:

  1. To share my life story, made by God. I believe it is a story worth sharing.
  2. To celebrate what God has done in my life and those around me.
  3. To inspire and encourage others.
  4. To add to the knowledge on the media in Malawi.
  5. To document important milestones for TWR (where I work). It is a lead Christian broadcaster in Malawi.
  6. To share my passion and therefore ask for support to fulfil it.
  7. To make myself vulnerable. I need your support to be a broadcaster.


Highlights of the book

Chapter 3: How Trans World Radio was founded – Story by Pearson Chunga. It is a very moving description

Chapter 4: How difficult it was to start TWR on FM. I have in mind the role of MEMA Studios, the Baptist Media Centre, Radio ABC, etc.

Chapter 10: My roots in Radio-the chapter with our family photo when I was 12. This is the first ever photo I took (yes at 12).

Chapter 18: My chat with Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira

Chapter 20: A phone call that caused me great stress

Chapter 22: Personal renewal Chapter.

Chapter 25: How I met Thembi-A Chapter she has written.

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Among many, my thanks to designer Paul Machewere for the great job on the book and my website. I am proud of Pan African Publishers Ltd for the job well done. My very special thanks to Trans World Radio for the support, space and encouragement to write the book.




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