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Name: Patrick Gondwe

Rap-Name: Elegant (meaning ‘Freedom from blemish, graceful and stylish’)

Born: November 13, 1987, Cheyeka, Borelo, Rumphi.

Education: University of Livingstonia

Record Label: Spiritunez

Patrick Gondwe, stage name ‘Elegant’, is a Malawian Christian hip hop Artist, Songwriter, Record Producer and Basketball Player. To date, he has an EP titled “Get It Started” which is yet to be released within the year 2016. He produced much of his previous music under GMM group of three artists. Elegant, in reference to his music as a Christian rapper, has proclaimed that his art is for ministry, with a specification to the youth through hip-hop genre.

Early Life

Born and raised by his single parent, his mother in Northern Region, Mzuzu. Elegant has often moved in his early life living in central and southern regions of Malawi.


Elegant attended a conference though his interest was to see how hip hop artists could perform live on stage. When the performance started, Elegant was so thrilled by the performance of the rappers who decided to join hands and organize this conference for God. The inspiration did not just end there but rather a decision started becoming a serious thought of which turned his interests into making music to worship of the living God. In his series of practice, he learned and believed that God is an authoritative power and self-existence despite our present statuses.



Check out this song from the coming EP.


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