Download ‘Time to Rise’ by Kelvie feat Zyuga & V2

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Kelvin Biography

Kelvie, real name Kelvin Mkwinda is an Artist/Songwriter born in June 11, 1992. He has several hit singles including: Ndimmene ndilili, Next levels and Ali propa which has been frequently played on Trans World Radio under Spiritunez Countdown.

Other notable collaborations are with artists like Manasseh Chaponda with a song titled ‘Kutamanda Yesu’ as well as 2015 and 2016 Mzuni Cyphers. As an artist, he has worked with Manasseh Chaponda, Zyuga, and V2 among others. He’s hoping to work with other big artists on his coming projects. Kelvie has been produced by Postnegative, Stich Fray, Dj KenLo, Twiggy, Leo and Chance. He is currently working on his new EP titled ‘Mumasintha nyengo’ which will be released in January 2017.

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