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Beautiful minds is Christian music group of Malawian origin based in Blantyre, Malawi. It was officially started on the 22nd of august 2015.
It is composed of two guys “adroit echo real name Praise Umali who is a producer/guitarist/singer/rapper and Matt da protege (HEWpoet) real name fungaih Matthew chimwaza who is also a producer/rapper/ poet.” Our goal is to spread the gospel of our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST to the world through our music ministry and other different forms of art which God blessed us with.
We call ourselves Beautiful minds because we believe the mind is the most powerful thing and it drives you and a corrupt Mind cannot produce good fruit just like they say “what the mind thinketh the heart do”. We are not conformed to this world and our minds are renewed and now we call them beautiful as it says in Romans 12:2; “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
So we say our minds are beautiful as they are renewed. We do not have an actual genre of music that we do but we enjoy creating a new type of genre of music by fusing a couple of genres together and coming up we something unique and something we can enjoy while we are preaching to the world.
While some can say it’s just art or music, we say our art is a calling which God used to call us to do his work as we understand we people are called in different ways. And when they ask why music or poetry? We like to say we people we have different things which we love to do and in order to lead those who love music or poetry we have to give them Gods message through the thing which they love to do.
Glory be to God the grace and favour of the power of art in us.

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