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Good News Representatives also known as GNR is a group of 4 guys Condliu, Vinlil, Lc, and Thamzy who are from Malawi. The group started at secondary school where we performed at youth Christian group’s, we saw an opportunity to use our talents which the Lord has blessed us with to spread the gospel.

We are Representatives of the Good News as we live our lives we want to showcase the glory of God to the world. GNR is not only about doing music but it’s a ministry that knows the truth, grace and love of our Lord Jesus and we would like to tell the world that, it’s not about being on a purpet or on a stage rapping but about the way you live your life so that others may be curious to know how you live your life. Mathew 5:16.

The group has a vision of giving music which will impact people’s lives differently to give them hope and tell them about the life there is in Jesus. Isaiah 61:1 is the verse we go by because the Good news is what people need in their lives. We don’t just talk about it in the music we live it, we are trying to get people to understand that Christianity is not a religion full of does and don’t but a relationship we have with a divine God who humbles Himself to fellowship with us.
If you live your life showing the world the true life their is in Jesus and preach the Good News to world you are a Good News Representative.
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Facebook names: Tamanda W Nasoni, Vincent Mayviinlil Khombe, Luiz Black Forest Uja
Twitter: @thamzy_123 , Instagram: thamzy_gnr
Contact :+265884106910

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