About Us

Spiritunez.org is the hub of Christian resources in Malawi. The platforms aims at, among others, being a resource center for Christian living such as sermons, books, entertaining and motivating music; a point of networking; database for churches and ministries; a portal for Christian radio programs; and news updates.

The vision of the portal is to serve on up to date information and resources about Christian and positive living to people around the world, with a specification of Malawi. We prioritize on Malawian content, and strive to make information available to all via a simplified platform.

Spiritunez.org comes into existence following the lack of a unique Christian hub for Malawi to provide resources. Malawi is known into being a God fearing nation with a majority of the people being Christians. The coming in of the site has brought a platform where music artists and ministers of the gospel have access to promoting their cause and serving many Malawians.

Spiritunez.org is also for community benefit as it gives room for gospel music artists to promote their music for free, or a very low cost. We support album launches and special campaigns for the benefit of those seeking Christian content. We also provide a simplified version of a section where people can listen to our uploaded content, and we are working to bring more so as to provide all resources in Christendom.

The hub is further implementing a database for all churches in Malawi. Churches are to register the names, location and a simple bio of their denominations for free thereby increasing networking and serving the greater purpose to their membership.

Spiritunez.org is managed by Multitalented Business Firm.